Security Guard at Hotel Shangri-La, USA


California is well known for her hospitality and relaxation centers which in hotels play crucial role in the hospitality business.  Hotel Shangri-La is a renowned hotel that was established in 1939 in Santa Monica, California, United States. The hotel management is looking for a devoted, committed and pragmatic Security Guards who are capable in handling all security duties with the utmost level of competence. The main duty of the security guards is to protect visitors, customers and their luggage, plus other workers of the hotel.

Below are outlines of responsibility for the successful candidates:

  • To continuously patrol all the vicinity of the hotel including rooftop, lounge entrance and onyx Bar
  • To welcome customers when entering the Onyx bar, and also check luggage of individuals entering to ensure no weapon in the luggage
  • To maintain safety of everyone, and to prevent loitering around the entering surrounding
  • Ensure that exit ways and stairways are clear
  • To ensure conduciveness and calmness environment for the customers and treat all customers with respect they deserve.
  • To maintain constant radio communication with fellow security officers.
  • Remain alert to fire, safety, bomb threats, fuel and water spills among other r In imminent life safety situation, local authorities (911) should be notified immediately then local management should be notified
  • You are to respond to issues that require your attention
  • You must report any maintenance issues (lights out, leaks, building damage) to warehouse manager
  • To ensure that homeless people are not sleeping, sitting, loitering or soliciting on the SHANGRI- LA HOTEL property.
  • To enforce smoking area and dress code for Onyx

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